Backup & Disaster Recovery

Why our clients choose our
Managed Backup Solution

What would be the cost to your business if you lost your critical data?

Being able to recover and restore data quickly and easily isn’t an option anymore, it’s a requirement.  Accelerated Technology’s Managed Backup solution ensures your business isn’t negatively affected by unwanted data loss.


Reduced Costs:

·   Less storage space required

·   Less bandwidth needed

·   Recover to dissimilar hardware if needed


Improved Productivity:

·   Back up more data in less time

·   Minimizing downtime with faster restore times

·   Restore a single file or a complete volume from any point in time you have data backed up


Increased Awareness:

·   Centralized NOC Management and Monitoring by our engineering team

·   Detailed monthly reports on backup status


Increased Confidence:

·   Regular backups minimize business downtime in the event of a data loss

·   Backups are always scheduled and managed by experts